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first off, who wrote this? from the ip address, it is obviously someone on the inside :)

secondly, is this a planned class, or an already done class?

thirdly, there are a few over-simplifications:

both lessdisks and ltsp can be configured to download a kernel over NFS or TFTP.

"lessdisks has terminals by default" what does that mean?

lessdisks actually defaults to using XDMCP, just like ltsp does.

and lastly:

it may be interesting to note that future versions of LTSP will likely also be in a chroot environment:

live well, vagrant

Who do you think wrote it? Who else would irritate you so much talking about lessdisks.

This is a planned class, and the notes are purely for the instructor to know what topics to cover. Your objections are rather tetchy as well as being wrong. In order: lessdisks isn't configured by default to use TFTP, LTSP is. The fact that either of them can be configured in any way is rather irrelevant to an introduction to lessdisks and its differences. Lessdisks has virtual terminals (gettys) by default, LTSP now has the ability to be configured to have them. Lessdisks asks you what you want to do related to X, LTSP defaults to XDMCP. And what is coming isn't particularly relevant to an introduction to the current lessdisks.



don't get so defensive. attempts to clarify the outline could be seen as an opportunity to improve the class, rather than an attack. :P

of course i'm going to take interest if i see that someone is working on teaching a class about lessdisks.

i see what you mean regarding the TFTP issue. i still wouldn't call it irrelevent that they can both be configured either way, but that's personal opinion.

lessdisks, by default, is configured to set up and run an X Terminal, and the default answer to the XDMCP/sdm question is to use XDMCP, i believe.

the mention of LTSP's future direction might be interesting to note because there is now some attempt at coordination between LTSP and lessdisks development due to the switch in LTSP.