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About our vendors

Last week I met with a rep from Quantum to discuss some questions I had about pricing and service. (Quantum is often inconsistent in terms of scheduling, communication, pickups and sending us checks.) We were given a check for two shipments in September that I'd asked about, a new contact name for shipping problems and an invitation to visit the facility sometime. I was also given a breakdwon of all our shipments/payments to Quantum in calendar 2004. Many of my specific questions about materials pricing were answered, but the rep was evasive on some others. Also, he invited us to come check out the facility, but mentioned that not all of their recycling is done onsite. When I asked him where it is shipped, he was evasive but gave me another contact name within Quantum to get more info on their practices.

Today I met with a metal buyer from Calbag Metals to discuss pricing. I showed him around the warehouse, he took a few sample items and then told me he would get back to me soon with a proposal regarding pricing for the vcarious materials we handle, as well as scheduling and storage. (They may even be able to provide us with a trailer, like the Total Reclaim trailer.) He also said Calbag does all of its recycling on-site and invted me to check it out. Swoon. Dear diary, I think this one might be a keeper.