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Caitlin's ideas for policy change

Bringing outside gizmos into Free Geek

There are some rare instances where it is acceptable to bring personal gizmos into the Production Areas of Free Geek. Volunteers seeking to bring outside equipment into a Production area must obtain permission from their area Build Instructor. Permission will only be granted if the activity does not interfere with production or the Instructors ability to assist other volunteers. Any work on outside equipment must be done under the supervision of the Instructor and take place during a Build Shift. Production Areas should not serve the purpose of Tech Support. If a volunteer seeks help trouble shooting their computer, they need to bring it to Tech Support.

Acceptable activities (if and only if there is space in the Build Room to do so and it does not interfere with production or Build Instructors ability to assist other volunteers):

  • using our network to update or upgrade their Free Geek acquired computer,
  • bringing in their Free Geek computer in order to use tools we have to trouble shoot on their own

Unacceptable activities:

  • bringing in personal computers to the Build Room to use Instructors for advice and trouble shooting
  • bringing data-holding-devices, such as thumb drives, to plug into computers for the purpose of printing resumes or other documents.

Documentation of outside gizmos

Any volunteers bringing gizmos into Free Geek must obtain an equipment pass from the Front Desk. They must keep this pass with them for as long as they have personal equipment with them.

from their area Build Instructor

Does that mean a staff person or not? (We should say if we mean it to be a staff only kind of decision.)

Can we lose the word "Build" before "instructor"? (There are no "Build Instructors" in parts of production (i.e. Advanced Testing.)

Likewise, we could say "Production Area" instead of "Build Room" to make it more general?

My $0.02.

RfS 20:13, 24 September 2010 (UTC)