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Mention some organizational ties (Mercy Corps? Rebuilding Center? OSDL?) Mention Portland as "hot spot" for free software/open source. (Use of terms OS and FS?)

Mention some successful grants, what the $$ allowed us to do

Write "letters to the editor"

  • we can send the same one to a bunch of media outlets

Write "prefab" stories.

  • mention first- and second-serial rights (basically, whether and when other publications can carry the same story.)

--Pete 01:51, 15 Dec 2005 (PST)

pages for Press Kit

  • clips from 5 or 6 media stories (1 sheet, 2 sides? maybe more.)
  • quantifying the good stuff we do: 1 page stats, back side testimonials
  • major accomplishments of past year (maybe back of stats page?)
  • name big donators (corporate, individual, awards??)
  • describe ongoing needs of Free Geek (mention how we have substantially met them.) MONITOR FEE.
  • hours, contact info, web address, names of some staff, maybe a map.
  • Videos and audio clips on CD or DVD (only included if requested, due to expense)
    • May '05 City Club clips (courtesy Aaron Burt) (see also City Club calendar page)
    • Spirit One radio clip (April 05 or thereabouts, check archives for Liane's email.
    • A 5.25" floppy with info on where to access videos online and/or how to contact us for a DVD
  • Some common terms used at Free Geek, also hardware, open source, etc terms Free Geek Definitions

old main page

A packet to get out to folks on the Media contact list.

Pete's outline of what should go in the Press Kit.

I feel these things all need to make it in there. Each press kit would be delivered along with (or after) a more personalized story pitch (phone, email...) which would focus on the elements most relevant to a given publication.

What Free Geek Does

why we're so cool

Include Stats and Testimonials to support each point.

  1. a concise statement of "we solve waste problem by solving need problem."
  2. we keep stuff out of landfills.
  3. we get computers to folks who can't afford 'em.
  4. we help folks pick up job skills.
  5. we're efficient with the money and other resources we have.
  • let's keep this list focused on the major programs, and not overwhelm.

results of some hardware grants

Grants Follow Up

What Free Geek Needs

note: see Talk page for discussion of how appropriate each of these sub-categories is for press coverage.


  • Little Money (every bit helps.)
  • Big Money (foundations, rich donors.)
  • We like money at any time!


  • Little: clean out your garage
  • Big:clean out your IT warehouse
  • Let's focus our efforts here on smaller/community pubs, so as to avoid donation spikes.


  • we need your help, whoever you are!
  • Geeks Unite! put your special skills to work for the community.

list of major past media coverage

coordinate with list on web page.

Another good resource is the archive of volunteer newsletters.