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Hi from Chad in Olympia,

On Bylaws and Social Contracts:

I just wanted to say that a "social contract" is very useful to facilitate the adoption of new bylaws, by transferring most of the responsibility for appropriate and equitable behavior OUT of operational policy (BYLAW) and into a equally valid, legally binding contract, like the TESC “social contract”.

My take is that the UN Habitat and the LA21 agenda are great places to start if you-all are looking for models that are good to draft bylaws; in Olympia, we are looking at doing the same.

I’m want to chat [with the development posse at FG|Portland] about the 501c3 status:

What should FG|Olympia file under?

Since FG|Portland already has a tax-exempt status with IRS as “Free Geek”- that doesn’t leave any room “for the rest of us”-

If a local [FG|_“x”_ ] wants to go for the federal 501c3 class exemption, unless there is a provision for a multi-/inter- state 501c3 tax-exemption, then that would have to be something eles besides “Free Geek”-

Oly is meeting to chat about all this- Should we go for a state-wide WA 501c3 “Free Geek Washington”?

Any tips or help?

Best Regards, and pls feel free to Email me, OK?

Chad “Mini-Mao” Akins