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During my SVN training a few weeks ago I finally had the opportunity to change the outdated information on our recycling vendors. In looking at the recycling section of the website again, and having stumbled upon the Toxins in Computers wiki page and the "Reasons to recycle computers" stub, I'm thinking I would like to expand the information on our web site to better educate the public on electronics recycling.

This relates to a separate, but similar project I've been thinking and talking to Guy and Nathan about: improving the recycling wiki to include photos of components and make it more useful for training volunteers. Guy and Nathan want to put consoles in the recycling area with access to just this wiki, for easy reference when folks have questions about where something goes, or what happens to it.

So I've created this page as a place to brainstorm ideas for better documentation in the recycling area, uniting my twin passions for writing and smashing stuff. A great deal of the wiki information is out of date as well, or even obsolete, so this is also something of a to-do list to encourage me to clean up the existing documentation While this page exists primarily for my reference, it's public because I'm always happy to get feedback from concerned parties about what they want to know about recycling. (Sometimes I don't know what's going on in my head, or in my life, until I put it in writing.) And seeing as I'm possibly the least left-brained person ever anywhere (see above parenthesis), advice on better organization is always welcome.

Xen's documentation to-do list:

  • Many of the proposals in Procedural changes for recycling have come to pass. This page needs to be revised and merged with Covering Recycling On A Daily Basis, which is a leetle behind the times.
  • What goes where finally has my much-dreamed of ASCII floor plan of the warehouse. I need to check again and make sure this is accurate, as the warehouse is under constant reorganization these days. This contains some out-of-date information on vendors, however, and is a little lengthy. And this is where I'd like to add a few photos.
  • PDX Recycling Vendors contains out-of-date information about who use and what they take. It might be a good idea to break it up some -- just the facts on who we're using now, but also info on folks we've worked with in the past (Quantum, E-Recycling, etc.) just in case we ever need a backup or something.
  • Recycling Status: Neglected for months, but starting to get the love it deserves again. Will try to update this at least once a week, if not once a day.
  • Forklift Maintenance: Will update when our in-the-air forklift situation gets cemented.
  • What's it worth?: Add information about our trial run with TCG.
  • Shipping diary and estimates: This page hasn't been updated in months. It was created partly so that I could assist Richard in making predictions about recycling income based on bills of lading. I don't know if it ended up being a useful tool for that after all, or if I should can it. Talk to Richard about this and solicit information from other interested parties.
  • Procedural changes for recycling -- first bullet item.
  • Toxins in Computers -- I like this author's idea of a "Reasons to recycle computers" page for the website. I'd like to see the website include the basic information we have now on vendors and hard drive destruction (including Calbag's certified destruction offer), with additional information on the health costs of e-waste, why we don't sell to recyclers who send scrap overseas, pending e-recycling legislation, and the like. Yeah!