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This policy was accepted at May's council meeting. If we need to change it in the future, we should. [council post]

email or web form?

The article says to contact outreach, but everyone says to use this page, but that is not referenced at all in the policy page. -- MW 11:33, 30 June 2007 (PDT)

page needs update

We should revamp these guidelines with updated language. Here's a brief synopsis of language from a collective email thread so far:

Quickie list of criteria for consideration:

Organizations wishing to utilize Free Geek space for non-Free Geek related events shall be granted pending the satisfaction of the following criteria:

  • The event shall be non-partisan in nature (reasoning being to protect our non-profit status),
  • The event shall not impede Free Geek's daily operations (which I think should be broad enough to cover allocation of staff, working spaces, etc, etc),
  • Their mission doesn't conflict with ours
  • The organizers shall provide a detailed schedule and/or plan for the event to the Free Geek Staff Collective,
  • Approval from the Free Geek Staff Collective.

I like the idea of being flexible in whom we allow to utilize our space, as it could expand our offerings to the community at large, as well as promote an atmosphere of collaboration and support with other organizations beyond our standard modus operandi.

We also talked at a collective meeting about explicitly extending this to sidewalks and similar areas around our building during business hours.

And we want to consider keyholder sponsors from the group, rather than Free Geek staff, in order to minimize disruption to our work schedule.

RfS 21:52, 29 June 2012 (UTC)

Recommended updated language

Any group wishing to use any Free Geek facilities, including the sidewalk directly in front of our building during business hours, must submit a request to staff indicating who they are, what the function is, how long they expect it to be, how many people, and if food and drink will be served or available. Requests may be submitted to and should be submitted at least two weeks prior to the proposed usage.

In order to receive approval: Events shall be non-partisan in nature. Events shall not impede Free Geek's daily operations. Events and requesting organizations may not have a purpose that conflicts with Free Geek's mission. Events will have a single sponsor who takes personal responsbility for any issues including, but not limited to, cleanup, damage, theft or safety hazards.

Requests will be reviewed and approved by the Free Geek Staff Collective and may be denied without explanation. Confirmed events will be visible on the Free Geek Room Use Calendar ( Security deposits and room-use fees may be required by Free Geek for utilization of our facilities. Additionaly, if use of our facilities requires a staff member to be present outside of their normal hours, a chaperone fee may also be assessed. Facilities are generally lent free of charge if the group using it is hosting a free event, although donations are welcome (suggested donation: $10 per hour). If the event costs money for participants, Free Geek may charge 10% of the takings. Staff Collective reserve the right to waive or alter any associated fees.

These guidelines may be subject to change at any time without prior notice.