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Hi, it's Pete here. I like this idea. And I agree that prioritizing it according to when Free Geek gets "too big" is a good idea.

Here are some factors that might influence what "too big" is:

1. Consensus is a very powerful way to make decisions, but it can be difficult with very large organizations. Is it possible that Free Geek could grow to a point where the consensus process stops working so well? If so, that might be "too big."

2. Limitations of current space.

3. (well I could only really think of two.)

Then, a sister organization offers the major benefit of an additional location, i.e. greater convenience for the public/volunteers/staff. Costs might go up though, as space and/or staff might be a bit redundant.

Also, I like the idea of sister organizations having different specialties. For instance, keep all recycling operations at the mothership, and have a sister organization that hosts most of the education programs. Keeping the mission of each organization focused might help keep each one working well.

That's my 2c. -Pete



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