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Should Free Geek be translated, or remain in English in common usage?

The simple fact is that we do not have the resources to become fully translated at this point, however in light of the changes to our society, we need to make the effort to reach out to the spanish speakers and go that direction as much as we can. The answer cannot be the black and white the question poses, but just how gray should we (can we) be. -- MW 20:45, 1 November 2008 (UTC)

I didn't write that very clearly. What I meant was, should it be common practice to translate "Free Geek," as in "bienvenidos a Free Geek," or "bienvenidos a Geek Libre," or something else. Is there a creative, punny translation of "geek" that would make a native speaker get it, and chuckle? Tonyc