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We used to have a "wish list", that was a real hassle. It was difficult to seek, grab or find the item. And then we had to play phone tag or hope they responded to e-mail, only to find they were no longer interested.

Shawn's suggestion that we could ask them to prepay for items we know we could put together sounds good to me though.


I talked to Nathan about this. He and Richard were thinking of using RT for special "orders" as well, but they were thinking about making a web form like they have for hardware grants. Great, people can fill it out themselves and a ticket will be created automatically in RT for each request. If people make requests in the store, the cashier could fill out the webform for them (or they could use the computer set up in the store). The only problem is the down payment for people who use the web form from home or somewhere not-Free Geek. It'd be hard to do, unless we could set up some sort of credit card system. And then everything suddenly looks more complex.

I like the webform and RT idea, although dis-allowing access to the form from the outside seems simpler. Just from the store, please.

Shawn 18:17, 6 Apr 2005 (PDT)

There is a fairly current price list, written in OO writer, that could be put on the store computer. In the past, with just a couple of us working in the store, we pretty much had the prices memorized, though there was a binder under the counter for a time. But with more people covering the store, it will be necessary to have a current list at their finger tips. As a side note. In the early days, we had a basic list of common items, but the rest was up to the "store guy" to guess or ebay a price, and in any case move the stuff back into use at any price.


I was kind of thinking of posting it so the cashier had easy-easy access while typing up receipts. Kind of like in the grocery store. If you show me where it is, I could wiki-ize it and we could print it out as necessary.

Sometimes, during the one or two times when things were hectic in the store and I didn't have time to go check prices, I went all old school and made up prices. You still do it for some items like the laptop bags ($2-8, right?)

Shawn 18:10, 6 Apr 2005 (PDT)

I scribbled a list of clean up items that need to be done regularly. I think we should request a volunteer shift to help us keep up with things like cleaning monitors, untangling and sorting cords customers leave out daily, and vacuuming and dusting shelves, etc.


That sounds awesome. I get mopey in the store sometimes because of the mess. Will you put the list on the Store Volunteering page? I'll flesh out the page with clearer instructions as we get more stuff to do for volunteers.


Signing your messages

I find it hard to tell who's saying what. Rick's signature (I think) look like headings.

For the edification of all:

To sign your name to a comment just put four squiggles in a row like this:


Makes it easier to see who wrote what. (Three squiggles leaves out the date.)

Also, if you want to indicate that you're responding inline to someone's comment, the "normal" thing to do is to to indent by starting your line with a colon (:) like this.

Why that's a great idea! RfS

See how clear that was?

RfS 08:36, 7 Apr 2005 (PDT)