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teacher - Class outline - Wiki

  1. What is a wiki?
    • how does Free Geek use it?
      documentation of process, policy, well most all of Free Geek things
    • what eltze does Free Geek use?
      svn (deadtrees), fgdb (loging hours, dropoffs),
  2. Navigation (e.g. Tabs, Side Bar, Categories.)
    Help:Basic Navigation
  3. Searching and how it works.
  4. Do you have a login? if not, we'll have to create one
    top right hand corner
  5. Page elements (wiki markup)
    • Headers - creats the table of contents
      == first level ==, === second level ===, there is a single = level but its generialy not exceptable to use
    • Formating
      bold and italics
    • links - O Ok.
      internal and external.
    • lists - adds a bit of structure
      * bullits, # numbers, ; and : for Definition lists
    • Tables
      point to the sandbox and view a table
    • Templates - what are they?
      point them to Freekiwiki:Templatemessages
  6. Now the fun part - its a wiki, no mistake is unfixable.
    • Create a "red link" so we can create a page
    • Fill our the page with your info (whats the difference between "Save page" and "Show preview")
      • One way to do this is - Cut and paste into the new page a basic page layout (for the rpg its a template)
    • Have every one check out history, why comments are a good thing?
  7. Have the students edit an existing page. (the cook book project)
    • Look through the pages that have been created to find one that isn't in the proper format
    • Adjust the page to make it more like the others.