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I think the current way of handling grant-related discounts works and is worth documenting. We may come up with another way, but sounds like we're sticking with this for a while at leastTonyc

general conduct

As far as general conduct goes, I think using the basic set for a starter, but we could add a couple reasonable ones. They could be policy even if they don't involve a sign. Specifically, I'm thinking of customers soliciting or transacting business in the store. I don't think this should be allowed, at least not anything beyond a simple handoff of a business card. But is someone is trying to hustle parts or systems, drum up tech support business, etc. we can tell them to take it outside.Tonyc

As far as customers touching other customers' stuff, (such as performing actual work on another customer's computer just cuz they're nice people) I think the current practice of making sure they're explicitly stating that they are not affiliated with FG, and we can do the same.Tonyc

Another policy that's not stated on this is the use of the store computers for product research and demonstration purposes only.Tonyc


Other No-brainers about shopping we could explicitly spell out:


Layaway/Partial payment=no


Grant recipient purchasing

I have a few concerns:

I think I'd like for grants to specify the items discounted. One of the things that grants does is work out what people need versus what they think they need. I think we should avoid giving people a one day pass in the store. That probably won't be most optimal in giving away what people need. We've made a blurry line with the one-off discounts to grant recipients and allowing them to roam the store with a discount makes it blurrier.

At the very least it becomes another category of disbursement/sale that we have no widget to keep track of. At the worst it creates an expectation unless we are very clear with grant recipients careful in scheduling these one-offs. I'll put this in the discussion page on the wiki.Ian 20:39, 5 February 2011 (UTC)