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  • Free Geek is financially solvent, only uses foundations to seed new programs
  • Beef up history section, include why to go to free Geek (rather than elsewhere), why we are cool
  • Don't include staff hours in $$ calculation, include more real things like Gas money, box graphics, repair, indicate how truck will be self sustaining.
  • De-wordify clarity, order of questions.
    • competition from ewast bill
  • The Plan idea - (killer app)
    1. business pickups -(quality of stock)
    2. Neighborhood pickup - (community service)
    3. Setting orgs (e.g., schools) up with computers - class room labs (great outreach)
    • increased revenue from bringing raw goods to recyclers (revenue)
    1. ewast, tvs (ability to handle new, pertinent problem..shows we know "what time it is, yo")
  • Operating Expenses for Truck
    • Insurance
    • cost per mile (includes gas, maint)
  • NOTE: Convert to bullet points to cut down on words.