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Adding DDR2 and DDR3 info. Wy 21:06, 2 May 2008 (PDT)

More pictures

To do

We should change this page to "Memory Sorting" and adjust the instructions.

We currently have SDRAM, RAMBUS, and DDR as categories. Also, we have 72 pin SIMMs and 30 pin SIMMs as either one or two categories.

We may want to add SODIMMs. I dunno.

In the end the instructions should have these categories as recyclers (probably boxed together):

  • SIMM, 72 pin
  • SIMM, 30 pin

These ones keepers (and boxed separately):

  • DDR
  • SODIMMS (maybe?)

Anything else should go into a box as a tentative keeper.

Advanced testing does a further sort (by capacity and speed), so we don't need to get to that level here.