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*[[configure printer]]
*[[configure printer]]
*[[Pysol sound]]
*[[Pysol sound]] (it doesn't work)
*[[International characters]]  (how to get those pesky accents in KDE)
*[[Post-adoption class]]
*[[Post-adoption class]]

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Welcome to Tech Support

This is the place to find and discuss support questions for freekboxen, grant boxen, and use of the lab computers.

Freegeek Tech support is offered free of charge to adopters of freekboxen for one year after adoption as long as the operating system and programs are those installed by Free Geek. This support includes replacement of defective parts if necessary, but does not include any guarantee that programs or hardware added by the user will function.

This policy is spelled out more fully here

We do not support Microsoft products of any kind! We also do not support any of the OSes sold in the store. We do support configuring freekboxen for printers sold in the store, and are supporting store boxes configured with the freekbox image (for a fee).

Who is Tech Support?

  • Michael Westwind - Tech Support Coordinator
  • Lucaas Manfield - Volunteer
  • Dan Johnson - Volunteer
  • Hoa Tran - Volunteer

Contacting Tech Support

Tech Support Hours - 3-6 pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday

  • By phone - call the main Free Geek number during support hours - (503) 232-9350
  • Walkin - Come to the reception area during tech support hours and they will direct you back to the tech support area
  • Email - send an email to support AT freegeek.org

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