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Welcome to A/V Testing! The goal of A/V Testing is to identify A/V devices that can be reused, ensure that they function properly, and prepare them for sale by the Thrift Store, Bulk Sales, or Online Sales. This allows us to contribute to both the reuse of gizmos which might otherwise have been discarded, and to helping fund the organization. The path of an A/V device through Free Geek in general depends on the type and present state of the device in question, but a basic rundown is as follows:


  • A/V gizmo is donated to Free Geek at the Receiving area
  • Receiving staff determine whether the device can be reused based on the A/V Triaging procedures:
    • A/V devices deemed unfit for reuse have any attached cords cut off and are taken to Recycling
    • A/V devices deemed potentially reusable are taken to the A/V Incoming in Receiving
      • When in doubt, put on the incoming shelf for AV staff to triage.


A/V staff do a second triage pass, and then select specific devices for testing:

  • Certain types of devices (e.g. niche, vintage, difficult to test or specialized equipment of limited interest to general public) with a value between $30 and $100 are taken directly to the bulk buyer shelves in the Warehouse
  • Devices which are more difficult to test that are valued above $100 may be put on the A/V area rack for later testing
  • Testable devices are stored on the A/V area rack for later testing (with overflow going to the bulk buyer shelves in the Warehouse, see table below).
  • All items valued below $20 are recycled.

Current store needs by device type

Number of items per device type that should be tested waiting for store and number that should be on hand to test(these numbers may change).

Device Type Tested To Be Tested
Receivers 2 2
DVD Players 4 6
BlueRay Players All All
VCR 2 0
Multi Disk CD Players 2 2
Surround Sound System 2 2
Speaker Set 3 2
Sub-woofer 2 3


Devices are tested according to the processes laid out in their respective A/V Testing Procedures pages.


  • Any device with a major functional failure is unplugged, the power cord is clipped, and is taken to Recycling
  • Devices with partial or minor failures are assessed by A/V staff on a case by case basis - most will be recycled, but some may still be usable and may be sent to Bulk Sales or the Thrift Store
  • Devices which pass all their tests are labeled as tested and sent to the Thrift Store, Bulk Sales, or Online Sales depending on the item type and its value