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We are responsible for securely wiping or destroying any storage device that is donated to Free Geek. This commonly means removing hard drives to be wiped, but keep an eye out for other kinds of data storage devices as well.
What to keep in mind when removing hard drives
☐ Make sure to separate any caddy parts and adapters from the hard drive.
☐ Tape any caddy parts, adapters, and screws together back inside the hard drive bay. These should stay with the system unless your instructor needs them for parts.
☐ Only ever leave hard drives and other storage devices in a designated box or with your instructor.
Check for disks and other storage media
☐ Check the optical drive for disks.

  • Look for the small quick-release hole on the faceplate, and use a paperclip to manually open the drive.

☐ Take a quick look for other kinds of media, let your instructor know if you find anything.

Commonly encountered storage devices:

  • 3.5" hard drives (Desktop size)
  • 2.5" hard drives (Laptop size)
  • Optical disks

Less commonly encountered storage devices:

  • 1.8" and other odd-sized small form-factor hard drives
  • Mini PCI or mini PCIe solid state drives
  • Small media cards (SD, Compact Flash, etc)
  • SIM cards
  • Floppy disks
  • PCMCIA (PC Card) hard drives