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Display Formats
  • specifies horizontal and vertical resolution in pixels, scan mode (progressive or interlaced); refresh rate and color depth are sometimes also included
    • Example: 1920x1080p60 24bpp
      • Horizontal Resolution = 1920 pixels
      • Vertical Resolution = 1080 pixels
      • Scan Mode = p for progressive scan
      • Refresh Rate = 60 Hertz (Hz)
      • Color Depth = 24 bits per pixel (bpp)
        • in practice, refresh rate is almost always 60Hz and color depth is almost always 24bpp, so they are usually omitted

Common Display Formats for TVs
  • 640x480i - traditional analog broadcast TV resolution
  • 640x480p - sometimes marketed as "EDTV" resolution
  • 1280x720p - first wave of TVs marketed as "HD"
  • 1920x1080i - marketed as "HD" despite being interlaced
  • 1920x1080p - highest typical resolution for TVs, marketed as "Full HD"

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