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Laptop Prebuild

Volunteer Name
Volunteer ID
Start Date
Hardware ID

☐ Can identify core laptop parts and hardware
☐ Has been introduced to different kinds of RAM and RAM sorting
☐ Can successfully complete a laptop teardown and reassembly project
☐ Demonstrates good organizational skills and tool usage
☐ Completed Laptop build room tour
☐ Introduced to recycling and as-is documentation
☐ Can identify and remove data bearing devices
☐ Can correctly select AC adapters
☐ Completed operating system tour
☐ Completed command line for laptop build
☐ Intro to POST troubleshooting
☐ Intro to Network tools
☐ Wireless LAN troubleshooting tutorial
☐ Hardware testing tools
☐ Intro to build binders

Instructor Notes (please include date and initials)