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Program Basics

  • Program Name: Testing Program
  • Program Description:
    • The Testing Program ensures the quality of hardware going into reuse
  • What best describes this program?
  • Primarily meets program needs
    • While testing does meet program needs, it is also very closely linked to revenue generation
  • Why does Free Geek need this program?
    • To increase productivity in build, reduce tech support calls, and to supply working equipment for the store

Job Position Basics

  • Would there be a dedicated staff position associated with this program? NO

Costs and potential costs

  • What are the expected financial staffing costs of the program? (Include all costs to the organization such as salary, payroll taxes, and benefits.)
    • 10-30 hours a week
  • What other costs are associated with the program? (Include costs of materials needed, etc.)
    • very little, as the testers are scrounged from the stream
  • If there will be a dedicated staff position, how much time would be needed for training?
    • Training is already done for a staff person
    • Volunteer training happens when someone news wants to get involved
  • Once the program is up and running how many staff how many hours per week would it take?
    • In paid staff time? ______20_____ hours/week @
    • In volunteer time? _______40____ hours/week @
  • Outline the intangible costs for the position and program:


  • Are there any possible negative impacts on Free Geek's mission, and if so what?
    • If we get too test crazy, we will never get anything else done
  • How will this program affect other programs and staff positions currently in effect?
  1. it will free up the time of the Sales Coordinators
  2. it will make things smoother for build instructors
  3. it will make people who frequent our Thrift Store less grumpy
  • How will this program affect other programs and staff positions being considered?
    • It won't


  • Would the program generate income?
    • Not Directly, but it will allow items in the store to be sold for more
  • How does the program support the mission of Free Geek?
    • It shows people that used hardware isn't just a bunch of broken crap

Measuring Success

  • How can the success of the program be measured?
    • Good tested equipment always in Build and the Thrift Store?
    • Do other areas of Free Geek have to test their own equipment, or is it getting tested for them?
  • For most income generating positions, the costs initially outweigh the benefits. If this is an income generating program, how long until it is expected to break even?
    • For Staff hours currently put in, I am pretty sure that it is already breaking even
  • Outline a plan for implementing the program:
  1. Set up advanced testing
  2. Set up advanced testing testers
  3. Test Stuff