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About the class

Oso Says "Take the Gimp Class!

April, 2005 was the first time MNR offers a class on the Gimp at Free Geek, but it's far from the first time he's taught the subject. The Gimp is the image editing software distributed on FreekBoxes - and used by all kinds of people to make cool pictures. This is an introductory-level class, and should be accessable to anyone who has mastered the material taught in the FreekBox Adoption Class.

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From the project's web site,

Class 1: Starting and Selections

right-click to download today's suggested image

  • Finding and starting the Gimp
  • Navigating the Gimp
  • Opening files, Saving Files
  • Freegeeks - Use Offline storage! Classroom machines are wiped clean every evening.
  • Palettes: Tools & Layers, (but not Channels or Paths)
  • Making selections
  • Dealing with Floating Selections
  • Something fun - change the color of the background.
  1. use the elliptical select tool to select the earth in today's suggested image
  2. float the selection
  3. convert the selection to a new layer
  4. change the foreground color (click on the black box in the tool palette)
  5. add a new layer with a colored background (shift - new layer)
  6. move the layers so the colored layer is underneath the earth

Class 2: Color select and Magic wand

Today's suggested image

Class 3: Edges, tools, fills, paths

Today's suggested image

  • Edge Select
  • Move, Rotate, shear, perspective & flip
  • Fill, Gradient, pattern paint
  • Quick mask & save to path
  • path to selection
  • Manipulating Selections
  • Filters

Class 4: animations

An example of GIMP animations

Today's image (warning, 4 megabytes) contains XCF files for use with GIMP

  • Animations

Tutorial on Gimp Animation

Class 5:

Class 6:

Class 7: