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About the class

Oso Says "Take the Gimp Class!

April, 2005 was the first time MNR offers a class on the Gimp at Free Geek, but it's far from the first time he's taught the subject. The Gimp is the image editing software distributed on FreekBoxes - and used by all kinds of people to make cool pictures. This is an introductory-level class, and should be accessable to anyone who has mastered the material taught in the FreekBox Adoption Class.

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From the project's web site,

Class 1: Starting and Selections

right-click to download today's suggested image

  1. use the elliptical select tool to select the earth in today's suggested image
  2. float the selection
  3. convert the selection to a new layer
  4. change the foreground color (click on the black box in the tool palette)
  5. add a new layer with a colored background (shift - new layer)
  6. move the layers so the colored layer is underneath the earth

Class 2: Color select and Magic wand

Right-click to download today's suggested image

  1. open today's suggested image
  2. open the rocket or jellyfish
  3. Remove the background of the rocket or jellyfish by clicking on the background with the magic wand or color selection tool. (hint - the rocket is easier)
  4. drag the layer (from the rocket or jellyfish layer panel) into the space cloud image

Class 3: Edges, tools, fills, paths

File:Http:// click to download today's suggested image

  • Edge Select
  • Move, Rotate, shear, perspective & flip
  • Fill, Gradient, pattern paint
  • Quick mask & save to path
  • path to selection
  • Manipulating Selections
  • Filters

Class 4: animations

An example of GIMP animations

Today's image (warning, 4 megabytes) contains XCF files for use with GIMP

  • Animations

Tutorial on Gimp Animation

Class 5:

Class 6:

Class 7: