The Notorious MMD (Meredith's Messy Desk)

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Meredith's desk is SOOOO BIG, it has its own zip code.

Meredith's desk is SOOOO CLUTTERED, a completely autonomous micro-civilization was recently discovered behind her monitor.

Meredith's desk is SOOOO DIRTY, the City of Portland zoned us an agricultural production facility.

Meredith's desk is so big the whole FG crew hid under it when there was an earthquake.

Meredith's desk is SOOO messy, she hasta use a backhoe to get to her inbox.

Meredith's desk is so big and messy, it's got a family of desks living under it, surviving off of its discards.

Meredith's desk is so big and messy, it is incapable of being sad and lonely, because it is always having its own party.

Meredith's desk is SOOO UNORGANIZED, it was awarded the Field's Medal in Mathematics for its work on Chaos Theory.

Meredith's desk is SOOOO big, Free Geek is considering moving into it when we finally outgrow our building.

Meredith's desk is SOOO messy, in January 2012 she found a post-build application that had been filled out in August 2010.

actually her desk is not messy at all = she has a cadre of Teenage Mutant Pagan Hamsters building... something... hush... hear that?.... -Cliff's $.02

Meredith desk seems SOOOOO messy, but really, it's all Dave's crap. (You're welcome, Mere.)