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We're open Tuesday through Saturday, 11 to 7, just like the rest of Free Geek. We've got all sorts of stuff.

Equipment for Sale

We generally have these items in stock every day:

  • SVGA Monitors: 17 in., 19 in., some larger sizes
  • Keyboards: PS/2 and AT
  • Mice: 2 and 3 button PS/2
  • Sound Cards: PCI Sound Blaster compatible, often with drivers
  • NICs: 10/100
  • Network Hubs: 10/100
  • Tested CD ROM drives: 40x and above
  • Tested Floppy Drives: 3.5 in. (we could get you a 5.25 in. if you wanted)
  • Tested Printers: Color Inkjet and Laser printers (all refurbished)
  • Printer Cables
  • Laptop Computer Bags
  • CD-RW and DVD drives
  • FREE GEEK T-Shirts in two styles in S,M, L, XL. Women's sizes, too!

We often, but not always, have these items, too:

  • Routers
  • DSL modems
  • PIII and faster processors, at times attached to a motherboard
  • USB mice and keyboards

Discount Policy

Volunteers who have recorded at least 4 hours in the past 90 days get a 50% discount on donated parts. They also get a 10% discount on items (such as t-shirts and stickers) that were not donated. Ya.

People who have purchased a membership (very few of these) get half the above discount.

Organizations don't get discounts, but may apply for a hardware grant by going to our grants web page.

  • Exception: KBOO Community Radio gets a discount in the store(???)
  • Another exception: Card-carrying PAWC members get 25% discount.

Return Policy

"No Returns, refunds, or exchanges. Most, but not all of the items sold in the thrift store have been tested by our volunteers, but are not guaranteed to work. Purchase these items at your own risk. We cannot guarantee they will work for the purpose you intend, not can we assist you in making it work. (Volunteer testing is in no way comparable to factory testing, and may not reveal all product flaws. This explains the "used - as is" pricing.)

Be sure you know what you are buying, you cannot return it.

When purchasing boxed hardware, be sure to verify that the box contains the product. We will not be responsible if you purchase an incomplete product."

Holds Policy

Sorry, but no. We don't take partial payment for anything. There's an ATM at the gas station on 12th and Hawthorne if you don't have cash or a check.