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*"Face" the bills
==Making a purchase for Free Geek==
==Making a purchase for Free Geek==

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Till training/Cash handling/Purchasing

why do we care

The purpose of all this record-keeping is so that we actually know what is happening with our money. Where is it coming from, where is it going, how much do we REALLY have?
  • If we don't know something, we want to show that we don't know it rather than hiding it. (possible evidence of theft, etc.)
  • Auditability
    - Why an audit? Audits verify the soundness of the process. If your methods are not sound, an audit will show that.
    • Paper trail
    • more than one person involved
    • separation of steps in the process


Count the till
This is important because the till could be off for a variety of reasons and we want to catch it here. If the till is off at the end of the day and it was not counted in the morning, that greatly expands the time frame in which something can have gone wrong.
  • Miscount by till preparer
  • Mishaps (for example - tills spilled and not completely picked up)
  • Change made from a till
  • Theft

Important special transactions - paper trail during the day

  • IOUs
  • purchase reimbursements
    • What if there is no receipt?
  • IOU repay with and without a purchase involved
    • Same day
    • Different day
  • vendor income
    • Batteries NW
  • mileage reimbursements

Business Purpose

What are reasonable purposes
  • Volunteer reward
  • transportation
  • tools
  • office supplies
  • etc...

Checks, what is important

We very rarely have deliberate misrepresentation on checks since we stopped taking them in the store. Problems are usually innocent oversights, such as forgetting to sign or date the check. We still can't cash the check if its wrong, however.
  • Dated correctly?
  • to the order of Free Geek?
  • written and numeric agree? The bank honrs the written version if there is a discrepancy.
  • Signed? (more than one signer required?)
  • drivers license?
  • "is this your current info?"
  • entered into database (get CURRENT info especially if different from check) no checks without database entry.

Credit card data security (everyone who handles credit card data needs this)

  • what is cardholder data
    • Anything with a full credit card number on it
  • How to handle cardholder data
    • Don't write it down. If it gets written down, it must be securely locked up or securely shredded
    • Don't email it or otherwise send it electronically
  • Special handling
    • when "imprint" asked for, you need proof that the card was here, so it needs to be "kerchunked"



  • "Face" the bills

Making a purchase for Free Geek

  • reimbursed
  • IOU
  • Credit Card


  • IOU/Rembursements filled out various ways
  • Mileage reimbursement
  • End of shift form with error
  • Till worksheets