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Jacob's Training for the front desk


This can be used as a checklist for orienting front desk interns. To check off a subject that has been covered just initial it with four ~ in a row. Jacob 17:30, 18 March 2008 (PDT)

  • Dana Dana 16:53, 18 March 2008 (PDT)
  • Mary Kate
  • Shawn


  • How to utilize articles under the Front Desk category.

Beyond the wiki: the rest of these tasks will be taught hands on

This is also a checklist


  • Phone functions, paging and transferring calls.
  • Checking the messages:
  • Front Desk mailbox.
  • General mailbox.
  • Q-west mailbox.

Scheduling volunteers

  • Build (explain terms such as pre-build and build workshop, self scheduling for build workshop volunteers, etc.) Shawn and Sushi
  • Adoption (group scheduling, one person per line, etc.) Shawn and Sushi
  • Receiving calendar.

Recording things in the database

  • Dispersement
  • Hours
  • Recycling Systems-eval tally sheets
  • Donations
  • Contacts


-Printing from Deadtrees.

Cashing out and counting till and other tillish stuff

  • Pre-opening till count and paperwork.
  • Closing till count.
  • Searching for mistakes.
  • Credit Card machine.
  • IOUs and Reimbursements.

Email-Lists public and private

Website Applications

website extensions for applications such as

  • /grants.
  • /internships.
  • /wishlist.
  • /roomuse.


  • Build Status Sheets.
  • Borrow Book.

Signing up Volunteers after tour

  • Builders.
  • Adopters.
    • Processing community service volunteers (Mult Co Court and others)


It is also important to orient people with the organization and culture of Free Geek. A few ways of doing this are:

  • Introduce the new intern or volunteer to everyone and explain what it is that each staff member or core volunteer does.
  • Explain the unique structure of Free Geek including the role of council, the board, staff and committees.
  • Communication-what is the particular norm for different groups relaying information
  • Making reminder calls
  • Room use calendar,