Trash, Paper, Glass

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We have a 2 yard dumpster for trash. It lives in the parking lot, next to the steel drop box. No recyclables should go in there, just plain old trash. This dumster gets emptied every Saturday morning. This means that on Friday evening the dumpster needs to be pushed out to an accessible spot in the parking lot.


Goes in to one or two of those shiny blue roll carts. Can be mixed with cans, but no glass. Read the label! The roll carts get picked up Friday morning. This means that on Thursday evening the carts have to be pushed out in to the parking lot.


Blue roll cart, just glass, nothing else in here.


Goes in to the big dumpster, after boxes have broken down. No trash in here, please. This dumpster gets picked up Wednesday morning, and needs to get pushed out in to the parking lot on Tuesday evening.


Green roll cart, food waste and waxed cardboard. This gets picked up every other week, over the weekend.