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Video issues can come up for a number of reasons, so below, we'll try and identify some of the main ones for you to try and troubleshoot...
The computer seems to be up and running, but there is no POST or Boot! If the system fans are running, and all lights and sounds seem to look OK, first check test the power supply to ensure that its good (some times a defunct power supply will give enough power to make it seem like the system is operating properly, but doesn't provide enough power to actually run).

Next, Try switching out different types of RAM in each of the memory slots. Oftentimes, if the right memory is not in place initially, the system will not POST.

Try installing another video card into the AGP/PCI/PCIe slot that is in your system and try booting up with the monitor connected to that. If you need help finding the right video card, simply ask a build instructor for help.

And finally, try hooking up to a different monitor, or use different cables for the hook-up. If this still doesn't work, simply reach out to a Build Instructor and bring them up to speed on where you are with your issue.

"When Ubuntu starts up and I login, the power button disappears" Oftentimes this can be fixed when one restarts their system. But if you want to try one way of resolving the issue, try right-clicking the toolbar and selecting properties and under the size category, move the pixel number up one or down one and see if the issue is resolved.
For strange video issues in general... If you're experiencing paranormal-like activity on your video, try updating the systems drivers for the hardware the system has. Do this by going to "System" in the toolbar --> "Administration" --> and click on "Hardware Drivers". The system will then search for any necessary drivers for your system. Once this is complete, simply restart the system and see if the issue is resolved.
"My screen is a strange tint/color" This usually occurs when a connection is bad. Check all the connections from the system to the monitor and ensure that the plugs are hooked up correctly. If this has been checked, reach out to a Build instructor; you may want to replace your video card.