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Batteries and UPSes are evaluated separately. When removing batteries, be careful to find the clips for the wires: do not cut the wires.


Do they:

  • have a battery hatch?
  • are rated at 400 VA (voltamps) or greater?
  • have a manufacturer who still exists? immediately recycle the following:
    • Best
    • MGE
    • CyberPower

UPSes that pass Eval 1

Get a keeper tag on them with any information you can fill in, and are put in the Eval2 pile.

UPSes that fail Eval 1

To recycle:

  • Tally on the sheet
  • Mine aluminum heatsinks.
  • Fully recycle if the pile is large, leave under the small bench against the wall if it's small.


Evaluate physically first:

  • are there any cracks?
  • bulges?
  • other physical damage?

If so, using gloves, place the battery in a sturdy plastic bag and recycle.

With a voltmeter, test the terminals. If you get a negative voltage, you've reversed the terminals. Batteries are rated at 6V, 12V, and 24V, and must display at least their rated voltage. So a 12V battery showing 11.8 is a recycler, but showing 13.7 is fine.