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Getting Ubuntu Restricted Extras

Ubuntu Restricted Extras is a meta-package that fetches a variety of packages, notably: Adobe Flash and Firefox plugin, microsoft fonts (yes, they're proprietary), and a variety of other codecs. The easy way to get it (10.04):

  • Applications > Ubuntu Software Center
  • Type "Ubuntu Restricted Extras" into the search field
  • Highlight Ubuntu Restricted Extras and click "more info"
  • Click "Use this source" and "install"

Package Contents

  • adobe-flashplugin [i386]
  • Adobe Flash Player plugin installer
  • Adobe Flash Player plugin installer
  • web browser plugin based on OpenJDK and IcedTea to execute Java applets
  • ffmpeg codec library
  • The KDE CD/DVD burning application library - extra decoders
  • An MP3 encoding library
  • MP3 Plugin for MusicBrainz tagging library
  • MPEG-related plugins for libxine1
  • Installer for Microsoft TrueType core fonts
  • Unarchiver for .rar files (non-free version)