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Job Description

Donation Collections Coordinator Receiving/Hardware Donation Floor Shifts

Truck Related

Google Calendar

Pick ups Scheduler and contact

- or

Other Duties

Free Geek Supplies

Contact information:

Free Geek-Logistics/Receiving&Recycling

(503) 232 9350 ext. 129


R & R 9:00 AM - 9:45 AM (4th Tuesday of month)

Board 6:15 PM - 8:00 PM (3rd Thursday of month)

Important FG Links

Reachable from outside Network-

Reachable from inside Network-



In No Specific Order:

-Further Develop Supplies and Supply Inventory System

-Install new or Fix current Stereo in Truck

-Help Develop Outreach system -Work on documenting past donors, when they have donated, types of Gizmos and perceived re-usability. -Work on documenting potential donors. -Research local Leads within Tech Industry

-Develop Pamphlets related to Institutional Donors. -Develop Website resource for Institutional Donors ---Data security ---Group volunteering ---Grants and Monetary Donations ---Online Pick up forms and informational resource about program/service

-Learn more about Laptop Build and participate in Volunteer training

-Rewrite Resume to stay current on new jobs and duties I have performed at Free Geek