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QUANTUM GETS (as of 2014-03-11):

    ( $ = We get paid for these)
  • $ Acrylic:
    • By the Gaylord
    • (small amounts can be in a bag or box).
  • $ PP Natural (cloudy clear plastic, usually semi rigid packaging),
    • & DVD cases (cloudy clear plastic, rigid):
    • Combine into clear bags.
  • Plastic #1 and #3:
    • Combine into clear Bags.
  • Black Plastic = DVD cases (black or other non-clear Colors),
    • Cassette, Jewel Cases (black or other non-clear Colors),
    • Soft hinged CD Cases (black or other non-clear Colors):
    • Combine into boxes or Gaylords.
  • Clear Plastic = Cassette,Jewel Cases (Clear),
    • Casette (Thicker than Jewel Case plastic, slightly Opaque):
    • Combine into boxes or Gaylords.
  • VHS tapes:
    • By the Box (or Gaylord).
  • Mixed Rigid aka Mixed Plastic (this will be baled):
    • By the Gaylord.

INT'L PAPER GETS (as of 2014-03-11):

  • Filmy Plastic (it stretches before it tears),
    • Separate Clear from Colored:
      • Clear Filmy goes into Clear plastic bags, Colored goes into Black plastic bags.

DENTON PLASTICS GETS (as of 2014-03-11):

GARBAGE DUMPSTER GETS (as of 2014-03-11):