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Front Desk/Receiving Associate

Eli is a very willing "person" to engage in the following:

  • Star Wars Discussion
  • Explanation on his name
  • Play Tennis

Also, in order of importances

  1. Lubs emmy
  2. Good guy
  3. Loves the planet
  4. Philosophy/Religion Major

Extra Practice using:

Indented, duh!
bold stuffz

--EliWisnievitz 00:41, 7 July 2012 (UTC)

Don't believe me? Ask Misty

I don't believe you --Scrump 00:43, 7 July 2012 (UTC)

Best Mic Ever - The Antlion Modmic

Music to look into/acquire:

  • Galactic - (Ya-Ka-May)
  • John Hammond? Ask Stephen
  • Transglobal Underground

Things to Work on

  • Bringing Gaming/Gaming Community more into the mix
  • Hosting LANs
  • Mon July 22, 7-8 hour lan with guys from the Portland Burnsiders. 8 Attendees, 5 rigs with projector on console (gamecube)
  • Hosting Rock Band / Music Games
  • Potentially building a Linux Arcade game (then auctioning or integrating it)
  • LAN Pickups (Follow up with PDX LAN and get in touch with other charity type events)

Annual AOR Conference: Sustainable Oregon 2013- June 6-8 (Presentations still on the website)

  • Went with Darren for 2.5 days to Seaside Oregon
  • Talked with some Vendors, Universal Recycling, Denton Plastics.
  • CES, PSU grad program leads to Jerbs
  • Ocean Plastics presentation by Marc Ward of STF
  • Ecullet glass recycling presentation

Green Schools Summit 3/1

  • Downstream Info/Vetting: ( Audits, called a desk audit. Do they have certificates and system for processing. We ask for downstream until final disposition, bill of laiding, show copies of all their materials being moved or shipped. If its steel they sometimes will just send to russia to smelt. Focus materials like circuit-board, fluorescent bulbs etc. Notification required if process changes with 2 weeks. R2 term. Site audit. Certificate of destruction. When we get audited, we get checked on our process and our copies of downstream accountability.
  • More about whats safe to handle at home. Newer stuff still has toxics in it, so be wary. Older stuff can still be pretty nasty. Smellable volatile organic compound..
  • Recycling is still valuable in terms of the materials. Gold can be reclaimed a lot easier than being mined
  • Global impact China and new Africa Video clip. Terror Blight movie
  • Toxicity : (
  • Hands on items: (What they are what they have inside of them)
  1. Mobo: Caps/Blown caps have irritant. Capacitors used to be full of PCB. Older ones may still have PCBs. Sodder could be lead or silver, exposed lead
  2. Ram ^
  3. Power Supply: Exposed lead, sodder on the back. Charge left inside the capacitor.
  4. Lights: Incandescant is basically air, halogen is a minute little gas very small impact, CFLs have mercury and makes disposal quite harder.
  5. Monitors: CRT/LCD
  6. Soldering tools?
  7. Other common E Waste

Master Recycler's tour

  • Start in the classroom, talking about Free Geek, History, BAN, E Waste, Silicon Valley coalition
  • Why don't we sell to the highest bidder?
  • Oregon E-Cycle's program
  • Basically explain adoption and build in the room.
  • Hardware grants, working with the City of Portland
  • 42000 jobs could be created if an export ban on Ewaste would be put in place.
  • Materials and quantity that we work with. Wires get shredded, plastic gets bailed, monitors we just send to Total Reclaim
  • Other options
  • Checking out the store
  • Last minute questions, exchanging business cards/info

Ford Food & Drink 2/21

  • Set up video game competition
  • Check out Bomberclone as potential tournament game
  • Other games or mediums

Spanish Receiving Glossary

Receiving Boxes

  1. Ribbon Cable "Cables de Cinta"
  2. Thin Colored Wire "Cables de Color Delgado"
  3. Firewire "Cables de Firewire"
  4. Ethernet "Cables de Ethernet"
  5. USB "Cables de USB"
  6. RCA "Cables de RCA (Audiovisual)"
  7. DVI "Cables de DVI (Interfaz Visual Digital)"
  8. VGA "Cables de VGA (Gráficos de Vídeo)"
  9. Wall Warts "Adaptadores de electricidad"
  10. Memory "Memoria"
  11. Processors "Procesadores"
  12. Advanced Testing "Pruebas Avanzada"
  13. Cards/Motherboards "Tarjetas y Placa Madre"
  14. Networking Devices "Dispositivos de red"
  15. Power Supplies "Fuente de alimentación"
  16. Fans/Heat Sinks "Ventiladores y Disipador de calor"
  17. Games "Juegos"
  18. Optical Drives "Unidad de discos ópticos"
  19. Store "La Tienda"
  20. Laptop "Computadora portátil"
  21. PDA/Digital Camera "Accesorios de Cámaras digital y PDAs"
  22. Cell Phone Accessories "Accesorios de celulares"
  23. Online Sales "Ventas por Internet"
  24. Mac Incoming "Macintosh entrante"
  25. Power Cords "Cables de alimentación"
  26. E-Plastic "Plastico Electrónico"
  27. Printer Accessories "Accesorios de impresoras"
  28. Magnetic Metal "Metal Magnético"
  29. Non-Magnetic Metal "Metal que no es Magnético"
  30. Advanced Recycling/Danger Box "Reciclaje Avanzado"
  31. Batteries "Baterías"
  32. Bulk Sales "Ventas al por mayor"
  33. CDs "Discos Compactos"
  34. Floppy Disks "Disquete"
  35. Jewel Cases "Forros de CDs"
  36. Zip Disks "Discos de Zip"
  37. VHS/Casette "Casetes"
  38. Other Disks "Otros Discos"
  39. Filmy Plastic
  40. Styrofoam "Espuma de Poliestireno
  41. Dirty Plastic "Plástico sucio"
  42. Bubble Wrap
  43. Anti Static Bags
  44. Packing Material
  45. Plastic Bags
  46. Paper Bags
  47. Office Supplies
  48. C.B.M.

Helpful Incoming Terms:

  • Help me with this. "Ayudame con esto"
  • Put that down. "Deja eso"
  • There is a donor here. "Aquí hay un donante"
  • Help unload the carts. "Ayuda a descargar los carros"
  • Take this to the warehouse. "Lleva esto a la bodega"
  • I am sorting this box. "Estoy ordenando esta caja"
  • Do you want to take a break? "¿Quieres tomar un descanso?"
  • Thank you. "Gracias"
  • Good job. "Buen Trabajo"
  • That goes here. "Eso va aquí"
  1. Phase 1 (Help Donor) "Fase 1 (ayudar al donante)"
  2. Phase 2 (Clear Cart of Tallied Donations) "Fase 2 (vaciar el carro de las donaciones ya registradas)"
  3. Phase 3 (Sort Table) "Fase 3 Clasificar lo que hay en la mesa)"

Other Words:

  • Bag "Bolsa"
  • Mouse "Ratón"
  • Keyboard "Teclado"
  • Monitor "Pantalla"
  • Wireless "Inalámbrico"
  • Batteries "Baterías, pilas"
  • Box "Caja"
  • Cardboard "Cartón"
  • Rubber 'Elástico"
  • Audio/Video "Audio/vídeo"
  • Recycling "Reciclaje"
  • Gloves "Guantes"
  • Goggles "Lentes de protección"