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Admin Todos

Cell Phones
    • create a box of tested phones for online sales
    • every Wednesday- put chargers into store once a week and train another A.T. instructor how to do this.
Examine testing high end laptop ram and optical drives.
Advanced Testing Monthly Meetings

Testing Standard Documentation in Advanced Testing

  • Updating motherboard testing documentation
List of Duties for Assistant Laptop Instructor
  • Sorting incoming laptops to shelves by brand and to be recycled bins
  • Power supply sorting
  • Sorting misc laptop stuff
  • Sorting and recycling batteries
  • Sorting ram
  • Checking the laptops set up for battery check and memory test
  • Printing labels
  • Organizing other laptops
  • Suggesting system improvements and better ways of organizing to laptop instructors

Agenda items for Production

  • A.T. Workshop with Instructors and Volunteers (particularly for changes like new blue tooth testing machine and optical drive testing after we upgrade to 10.04)
    • ram
    • processors
    • network devices
    • optical drives
    • video cards
    • blue tooth
  • Possibilities for New Gizmos to Test or just Sell
    • Laptop ram (SDRAM & DDR)
    • Laptop optical drives (DVD RW)
    • Wall warts (Sony Bin)


  • Goals Review


Further Reading

  1. Manual of Style
  2. Guide to writing better articles
  3. What is really awesome anyways?

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