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My main pages for editing: Free Geek Bellingham also Free Geek Portland Pictures available.

  • Name: Iain Davidson
  • City: Bellingham, WA
  • Referred: April 26, 2006: Bellingham LinuxFest Northwest (Bellinghtam Technical College)
  • Interest: In finding out details on getting together with other interested people, to create a FeekGeek center in Bellingham, or between Canada border and Seattle.
  • April 2006: $100 (check) donation given

Wiki: 5+ years

  • Linux Apache mySQL PHP Perl
  • SVN/Subversion
  • DNS
  • Routing / Networking
  • Wiki install, config, Admin, Custodian, contributor
Computers: 30 + years

(since 1975, acustic modems
and VT52 terminals)

  • BASIC programming

. to

  • BBS Sysop

. to

  • Hardware, Software

. to

  • Networking equipment

. to

  • Servers and Services

. to

  • Web programming

. to

  • Database programming
Full background / skills

(Please feel free to contact me via Email anytime.)

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