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Hello, FG World! This is Joseph Herbert's personal user page.

I started volunteering with classes in November/December of 2012. (Many years ago, perhaps in ~2005, I had volunteered in the Build program.) Currently I am teaching the "Getting Started w/ your [FG CPU]" class.

I was fortunate enough to be born & raised here in P-town, and enjoy the outdoors (especially the mountains, forest).

My professional interests and passions go beyond strict technology, to include high-level Systems-thinking (e.g. infrastructure, whether people or things), and methods/processes for improvement. I also enjoy informal education, and facilitating the learning process (of course).

I am also working on developing new curriculum -- Darren suggested the great title, "Living in a Technology World." Essentially, this refers to aptitudes, or broad mindsets, of how to go about being proficient with technology. There's a lot of content and directions this could go! If you're interested, and have an aptitude for either education / human psychology / learning process, or tech, I would love to sit down over tea w/ you to help shape the course(s).


teacher notes (getting started / adoption class)


Delegate, delegate, delegate!

  • Often, the teacher at the front is more aware of students getting "lost" -- faster than other instructors/assistant helpers in back of the class.
  • ... So... if a student has a problem / is getting lost... Delegate to an assistant instructor! E.g., "Hey Alex, could you help Robin with his/her problem / question? Thanks!!"

Personal Feedback:

  • Turning around more / facing class
  • Checking in, interacting w/ students
  • Glance at their monitors periodically -- ensure they're following along, and know how to do what you're demonstrating! (e.g. vs facebook)

Walk students thru useful 'projects':

  • e.g., spellcheck in Writer -- misspell a word, etc.
  • e.g., the "lifecycle" of a file: Creating in Writer -> Saving -> Closing -> Finding / Locating (use multiple methods to demonstrate this, incl. Catfish) -> Deleting -> Recovering from Trash -> Deleting & permanently removing...
  • .... Talk about how it will continue to take up HDD space -- until permanently deleted from Trash.

Ubuntu Software Center

  • Probably need a few examples of these
  • Applications: Searching for / Installing / Finding & Opening
    • e.g. Application Finder -- helps you locate!!
  • Demonstrate this, e.g. with WINE

At every opportunity, mention a class related to X!

  • Terminal / Command Line 1 (and 2)
  • GiMP
  • WINE



ISSUES TO FIX (verify?):

  • Default for .ODF in Xubuntu 12.04 is Abiword?

--> needs to change Filetype association to LibreOffice