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Class Proposal: "Living in a Technology World"

This is a draft proposal for the class, "Living in a Technology World" (title suggested by Darren - User:Dheiber).

The idea for this class came from me, Joseph Herbert (User:Jwmh).

The basic premises are as follows: - What separates a "computer person" from a "non-computer person"? (note: these are usually self-identified)

Section 1: Getting to know the basics

This should entail only the *bare necessities* for operating a computer:

  • physical care - heat=bad, liquid=bad, grounded surge protector = good, etc. (is this really "necessary"?)
  • poweron / login / poweroff
  • using the keyboard and mouse
  • understanding the folders, files, and applications

Note that this doesn't cover the use of any specific applications (such as a web browser or a word processor).

Section 2: Getting savvy

Okay, this is where it gets tricky, and I'm not sure what it Section 2 vs Section 3.

  • How do you know what to look for?
  • How do you go about finding it?
    • what are we even talking about; what does "it" cover here?
  • Difference between "exploring" vs "changing"
  • How do you make changes?
    • How do you do so safely?

??===Section 3: Getting savvy - making changes=== um. basics of making changes?

right-clicking fits in here somewhere

Parts of a UI:

  • windows
  • menus
  • status bar
  • locating & changing -- settings (OS) + settings (applications)