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[ Meta notes

  • need more info, links here -- to UI conventions -- "fields," "typable," etc... lotta vocabulary to be throwing at them.
  • idea: sections for modules; "new vocab introduced"?


Module: (UI) Login screen

keys to different apartments in a building

  • guest [session]: key to a hotel room for one night -- cleaned after you leave

Choosable/Typable Fields:

  • Username: Identifies who you are (like a room number on an apartment building)
  • Password: Security to ensure you're allowed in (like the key to your room)
    • depending on how it's setup, you might have a list of usernames displayed -- and you just click on one. OR, you might have to manually type in the username.
    • pay attention to how the typable field is labeled

Other options:

  • shutdown / reboot / etc
    • on some computers, might be prevented from choosing these until after you login (proving that you proper "security")
    • [best to cover these here, before getting into the desktop environment..]


  • Session info; keyboard types; etc