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Point to remember: Kelandris equals Jeanne. :)

Online, I've gone by Kel, or Kelandris the Mad, for upwards of sixteen years, waybackwhen there was no World Wide Web and we had woodburning cats.

Note: I'm not the chick on the left.

Kelandris the Mad is a character out of the two-book series by Zohra Greenhalgh, Contrarywise and Trickster's Touch. I liked the character. I adopted the name.

I've been volunteering time at Free Geek for four months, mostly in Receiving; have been an Outreach intern for about half that time; and I give occasional tours. If you've seen the large bearded chick limping around on the wooden've seen me. Online, if you've written to Free Geek, asking about volunteering, I'm probably the one who answered your email.

I used to live in Spokane, Washington, and when I did, I ran Bad Movie Night, featuring mainly B movies. At this time, I presently own (on DVD or videocassette):

Anarchy TV (starring every surviving Zappa family member)
Beowulf (the future is little metal breadpans)
Slash (the horror version of Old McDonald's Farm)
Slashers (Japanese reality game shows taken to their final extreme)
Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things (the director was the lead star, his love interest--also his sister--did costumes, and there's homosexual necrophilia plus horrifically bad "acting")
Incubus (to date the only film completely shot in Esperanto--it's a genuine ordeal to watch)
Killer Klowns from Outer Space (great effects, genuinely low budget, and a song written by the Dickies--how can you go wrong?)

among others. I'm also working on eliminating my old, fading videos of MST3K, and buying new DVD copies (for those that have been created on DVD). That's going to take a while.

I'd love to restart Bad Movie Night, but haven't found a large enough space. Maybe if I talk to some of the folks here...

I love inordinately bad movies, home crafts, home brew, remixes of old songs and old PC games (Diablo and Diablo II, Civilization, Populous). I taught myself HTML in the days before the WWW existed, and am now working on teaching myself CSS. I maintain a Yahoo group, am active on LiveJournal, and in general spend far more time online than I should.

One of my goals at the moment is to get a t-shirt saying, Donate to Free Geek. You'll feel better. We're saving the planet. It's bragging, a bit, but I really feel we're doing a wonderful job here. What other nonprofit can you name that allows you to find your bliss--nay, encourages you to find it? (And thanks to Nathan for phrasing it that way.)

We're trying to get franchise rights to the name and set up Free Geek Intergalactic--that should cover anyone who wants to use our name and operate something like this in their state. Or country. Or Martian colony.

I am partially disabled, working on not being fully disabled, and trying to remain a positive force in my community. I've introduced myself in emails to folks who've seen me in person as "the chick with the beard", and I'm pretty much memorable for that, to many, many people.

And I guess anything more personal, you're going to have to ask me on your own. :) But you're welcome to, I'm pretty open about my life.