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The Basics

  • Who:
    • Kelly Lynne Pulaski. (08/87-02/12)
    • KellyLynne Pulaski Forest. (02/12-present)
  • What:
    • Office Support Intern. (11/11-03/12)
    • Front Desk Staff. (04/12-07/12)
    • Plagued by mononucleosis. (08/12)
    • Office Support Intern. (09/12-01/13)
    • Confidential Administrative Assistant. (10/12-present)
  • How to contact:
    • E-mail: kelly DOT forest AT freegeek DOT org
    • IRC: k4
    • Other methods: smoke signals, semaphore, self-addressed stamped envelope.


Every Day

  • Drink coffee.
  • Look important.
  • Keep secrets.
  • Read email.
  • Direct work-flow.
  • Promote synergy.


  • Collect and compile information for Newsletter! (the bi-weekly newsletter I somehow accidentally inherited from Cynthia).
  • Track commits from Board meetings.
  • Provide support to the Board of Directors.
  • Provide support to Free Geek management.


  • Prepare for and participate in StratComm meetings -- every other Thursday.
  • Send Newsletter! to paidworkers@, directors@ -- every other Friday.


  • Prepare Board meeting packet.
    • Agenda
    • Previous minutes
    • Reports (committees, departments, etc)
    • Proposals
    • Other materials, as necessary.
  • Send packet to board-discuss@, one week prior to meeting.
  • Record minutes at Board meeting.
  • Send draft Board meeting minutes to board-discuss@ during the week after the meeting.

Job Description