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The Basics

  • Who:
    • Kelly Lynne Pulaski. (08/87-02/12)
    • KellyLynne Pulaski Forest. (02/12-present)
  • What:
    • Office Support Intern. (11/11-03/12)
    • Front Desk Staff. (04/12-07/12)
    • Plagued by mononucleosis. (08/12)
    • Office Support Intern. (09/12-01/13)
    • Confidential Administrative Assistant. (10/12-present)
  • How to contact:
    • E-mail: kelly DOT forest AT freegeek DOT org
    • IRC: k4
    • Other methods: smoke signals, semaphore, self-addressed stamped envelope.

To Do


  • Picture/info for website


  • Create templates for minutes and agendas
  • Track and manage Board commits using RT
  • Organize recruitment information
  • Compile hard copy of Board meeting minutes
  • Expedite approval and communication of Board meeting minutes
  • Develop Board resources for new members, etc