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As-Is Laptops


  • Learn to use the Laptop Build Room tools to identify hardware components.
  • Practice installing and removing hardware.
  • Get some practice using the Power-On Self-Test (POST) Troubleshooting guide in the Appendix of your Laptop Build Binder.

1. Data security check


2. Find an appropriate AC adapter

Template: AC_Adapter


☐ Try turning the machine on.

  • If the system loads the BIOS splash screen, you can move to the next step.
  • If the system does not boot, or appears to have screen or video problems, use sections 1 and 2 only in the Laptop POST Troubleshooting Guide in the Appendix.
    • As-Is laptops with video or screen problems should be recyled unless they are high-end systems. Double-check with your instructor if you are not sure. Use the Recycle guide in your binder.