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Discovered Free Geek November 2003, on recomendation from a friend. I first joined the build program because I didn't want a computer. Long story short im still here.

If you need help editing the wiki, let me know I'll help you out.

My Tasks

scratch.01 - scratch.02 - scratch.03 - scratch.04 - scratch.05 - NOLO - scratch.intergalactic

Fix the script that rfs ideath and i use!!!
From Propagation

Jobs for the initial startup contact person:

I should revisit these tasks
  • Understanding who from PDX is going where and can visit
  • Define process for visiting,
  • Generally answer questions.
  • This person would also research new FGs and bring potential issues to c7.
Wiki training

current topics that could be used for training. FG-RPG, Policy Development, Cookbook.

  • Develope a little more Structure for the topic
  • Create a generial structure for a class on using the wiki
  • In the case of the FG-RPG, to play the game.
    • When done hand off to martin - he asked me to help with this part
The goal is to teach two topics at once
  • Give a class or two


ToDo, ToRemember