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FG-FloorPlan future

This is mostly a history document for Matteo

Project Overview

Purpose, Scope, and Objectives

Free Geek is currently set up in a way that creates a lot of opportunity for goods to be broken, and for things to be misplaced or stored forever. Free Geek is also not exactly 100% handicap accessible. The goal is to create a maximum use of space, more opportunities for education, break down more of what we recycle, decrease the amount of time goods are WIP. This Project is will be done when we feal we have created a new(ish) flow/process that is extreamly flexible and we feal has shown enouff tangible results.

Assumptions and Constraints

this is a good idea
$$$ and time wont be a problem
People resist change

Large Projected Tasks

Create Movable Storage

  • design Build mobile units for finished Goods (could be computers, keyboards, Printers, Monitors....)
I invition large boxes that could hold between 9 and 12 computers. Build these boxes/shelving so they can be moved around by pallet Jack. This will make the unit movable and stackable. These boxes would be stored in the classroom.
pallets fight with pallet jacks, instead of pallets 4x4x4 blocks raising the box off the ground
installing wheels would require more maintenance to the units
We may be able to work out something with the rebuild center to create these boxes
fill these boxes with the goal of building computers faster than they come in.

Creat 2 double doors into the WHSE.

  • increase the size of the current door
  • create a new door from receiving into the WHSE.
Guy L. may like to spear head this, he knows how to rent the equipment.
Find a grant to pay for the rental, I bet we have the best grant wrighters in north America
Printers could more easily be received into receiving
This would create the opportunity for receiving and eval to use pallets to transport things to recycling

Purposed Events to create full space usage and better product flow

I have a picture next to me that I will attempt to inert

  • Create movable storage, initaly for finished freekboxes, and parts for the store.
frees up 50% of space where the freekboxes are currently stored.
  • Create 2 double doors into the WHSE
build a wall going north south in the east room of advanced receiving leaving enough space on the west side for a stair case leading up.
Move keyboard, mouse and sound testing into new space located in receiving (using movable storage idea)
  • put in Temp shelving where keyboard testing is in now
Move MacLand to the first section of that shelf, The rest of the shelf is advanced receiving.
items in advanced receiving should be sorted and moved as fast as regular receiving
note: new tasks for advanced receiving could include finding manuals for the items on the internet so they may sell quicker in the store.
  • create better shelving in receiving to hold boxes to sort loose items that come in.
use strong visual Q's on the boxes to show what goes in them and where they should go. Create a system for easily changing the purpose of a box. For example a plastic slot to slide the instructions into. create a situation where someone could move a couple of these boxes to there next location with out many questions.

matteo has a few steps to add in here.

  • move double door in build to the south east corner of build entering into current class room.leaving single door into new new offices...
  • Move laptopLand to behind the stage
  • move card sorting to where the current hub testing is (agenst the stairs)sorted cards go on shelving that can be accessed from bolth sides of advanced testing
make a pass through Kitchen? A Oso idea I think?
  • create storage for server class boxes and locate them where MacLand is(was).
  • disassemble the black hole!
  • move goods ready to be recycled to where the black hole was.
  • move boxes ready to be built storage to where the goods ready to be recycled was
now that I think of the whole plan this may not work cause we may be recycling so so much, well see
  • move Eval one and two into the WHSE between the two double doors, storing recyclers on a pallet, putting good boxes directly on the shelf. overflow storage above this long desk?
  • Move monitor testing to the center of the WHSE
  • Move Printerland to the north east corner of the WHSE moving ups land?
caveiot UPSland can not move for safety reasons, the fan in there area quickly removes toxic glasses when needed
Set up method for printer disassemble
  • Nock down wall between build and the old eval increasing build to include server build
  • create advanced receiving work table along the east wall of the WHSE
locked storage under and over
basic testing for VCRs dvds maybe
Manual look up computer