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   edge [fontname="Helvetica"]
   edge [fontname="Helvetica"]
gathering -> timeline [color="blue", arrowhead="none", style="solid"]
gathering -> longterm [color="blue", arrowhead="none", style="solid"]
finding -> gathering [color="blue", arrowhead="none", style="solid"]
subgraph cluster_0 {
      style ="solid"
      gathering [label="Information gathering\nand sorting", shape="box", style="rounded,bold"]
      grantchecklist [label="Fill out Checklist"]
      grantcat [label="Categorizing Characteristics"]
      grantkind [label="What kind of\nGrant is it?"]
      people [label="people", shape="box"]
      currentproject [label="Current Project", shape="box"]
      newproject [label="New Project", shape="box"]
      longtermgoal [label="Long Term Goal", shape="box"]
      gathering -> grantchecklist [arrowhead="none", style="invis"]
      gathering -> grantcat [arrowhead="none", style="invis"]
      gathering -> grantkind [arrowhead="none", style="invis"]
      grantkind -> currentproject
      grantkind -> newproject
      grantkind -> longtermgoal
      grantkind -> people
subgraph cluster_1 {
      style ="solid"
      label = " " [fontname="Helvetica"];
      longterm [label="Long Term\nPlanning Process", shape="box", style="rounded,bold"]
      informcouncle [label="Inform councle\nabout opertunities\nand progress"]
      dowewantit [label="do we want to pursue\nthis grant or strategy?"]
      longterm -> informcouncle [arrowhead="none", style="invis"]
      longterm -> dowewantit [arrowhead="none", style="invis"]
subgraph cluster_2 {
      style ="solid"
      timeline [label="Timelines", shape="box", style="rounded,bold"]
      timeline_rfp [label="Rfp -> proposal -> accept?"]
      timeline_com [label="Communication tracking"]
      timeline_rep [label="Reporting cycles"]
      timeline_grand [label="Current Plan Timeline"]
      timeline -> timeline_rfp [arrowhead="none", style="invis"]
      timeline -> timeline_com [arrowhead="none", style="invis"]
      timeline -> timeline_rep [arrowhead="none", style="invis"]
      timeline -> timeline_grand [arrowhead="none", style="invis"]
subgraph cluster_3 {
      style ="solid"
      label = "Finding Grants" [fontname="Helvetica"];
      finding [label="Finding Grants", shape="box", style="rounded,bold"]
      searching [label="Anonymous searching"]
      outside [label="Granters comeing to us"]
      random [label="Random Referals"]
      finding -> searching [arrowhead="none", style="invis"]
      finding -> outside [arrowhead="none", style="invis"]
      finding -> random [arrowhead="none", style="invis"]

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