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production coordinator job description
* Attend weekly staff meetings, and other meetings as necessary
* Teach and recruit volunteer Build Instructors for Build Workshops
* Refine build and quality control procedures
* Teach and recruit volunteers for advanced testing
* Refine current hardware testing procedures
* Create new testing procedures to explore new hardware avenues
* Locate and prepare items for the thrift store
* Coordinate with other members of the Production Team
* Work shifts coordinating Adoption volunteers
* Participate in collective management structure
'''Required skills''':
* Experience Managing Volunteers
* In Depth knowledge of PC and Macintosh hardware
* In Depth knowledge of Ubuntu and Debian Linux
* Basic Knowledge of Enterprise Class hardware
* Basic Knowledge of Networking and Network Administration 
* Well versed in troubleshooting techniques
* Self-Motivation
* Multi-tasker
* Friendly, outgoing personality
* Patient and courteous with the public
* Likes working with people
* Detail oriented
* Good organizational skills
* Good written and verbal communication skills
* Able to work in an informal, friendly environment with a diverse staff
* Work well under stress in an unusual setting, maintaining a positive attitude even in the face of adversity
* Ability to work and communicate well in a collectively-run organization
* Ability to work in a consensus decision making process related to staff and policy issues
* Not afraid to ask questions, but able to work on projects almost entirely without supervision
* Able to remain flexible as Free Geek grows and changes
'''Desired skills''':
== hours we spend ==
;on the schedule
* 40 build
* 24 laptops
*  6 macs
* 20 printers
* 18 prodcore
* 108 total
;what we think we actualy spend (before overtime)
* 40 build
* 30 laptops
* 10 macs
* 20 printers
* 35 prodcore
*135 total
;hours we would like to spend
* 40 build
* 30 laptops
* 20 macs
* 30 printers
* 40 prodcore
*160 total

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