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Documentor Sources

Free Geek looks good on a resume and even better if its a special project

  • School types to find interns
    • Tech. Wrighters
    • Mathamatitions
    • law
    • P.S. (Political Science)
    • Social Worker/Comunety orginizer

Documenting Policy Project

these thoughts will be blended with the process found in the Policy Development page

  • Is this a policy or a guideline (if no change the current policy and document the change)
  • Is this a new or a change to a current policy or guideline
  • Who created the Policy and how does it relate to others / what is the scope of the policy

Creating New Policies

  • Research current Apliciable policies
  • Find a couple of people to bounce your idea off of
  • Email your Perposal to the correct list
  • Please clearley seperate your email into sections:
    • the Policy you propose
    • Reason this policy is needed (would this be a change to a current Policy)
    • Any thing you came up with during your research (like Policies)

Policy Page Ideas

Three sections in the page perhaps

{{Policy Header}}
* Policy name
* Note on what the policy is about/Scope of policy
* Body that set the policy(s) / Date Adopted / with Link to lists.freegeek meeting Minuits.
* Wording of the most recent agreed apon policy - as agreed upon
* Interpretation/Implementation
* Examples/Background/History
* Exceptions/Ramifications
* Related policies
* Etc...