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Points to cover

  • Reasons for inventory
    • Need information on what we are processing
    • No database is accurate, need to correct on a regular basis
 examples:  theft forgotten entries, mistyped entries
    • who wants the data - NCER, annual report, donors, production/sales projections, space/time budgeting
    • things we don't bother with and why (what we used to try to cover)
  • Inventory by location not type
    • Best way of making sure we actually get everything
  • System is a case
    • story - 100 systems disassembled and put randomly in 5 boxes. how do we count them?
    • alternative story - we weigh everything (how do we tell covered and not after disassembly?)
    • Apply this to laptops
  • What we do with the inventory data
    • Correcting the database, when and how
    • recycle vs receive
    • examples

  • Issues
    • Changed categories (lcd monitor vs lcd tv)
    • Modified old entries
  • props