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Laptop Checklist Revisions for Xubuntu 12.04

Build Checklist

  • "Boot to Ubuntu" should specify "Default User" as login to select.
  • May need step for resolving "Incomplete Language Support" issue if for some reason this can't be resolved prior to deployment.
  • Wireless troubleshooting needs tweaks on specification of using right-click (all access to network management applet is through left-click now), accessing list of available additional drivers also is slightly different.
  • Instructions for disc burning and blanking need to be rewritten for Xfburn, the included disc burning utility.
  • New sample data for disc burning needs to be specified/provided.
  • Need to determine if we still want to use K3b as an alternative, and if instructions will need to be updated for that if we do.

Revised Laptop Build Checklist for Xubuntu 12.04

Battery Testing Instructions

  • While loop instructions work the same, still need to check music CD instructions, assuming we want to preserve that as an alternative method.