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(pdx Bikelove info)
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that pretty much ends most arguments right there.  
that pretty much ends most arguments right there.  
<b>server robot</b>
"The server robot was originally programmed to dispose of city garbage but
after a few hours of mindless labor lost his circuits and stowed away on a
space ship where it masqueraded as a server robot. The crew caught wind of
the robot have more of a personality that most and were always a little
annoyed by it's cajoling but still found it amusing enough to keep around
- particularly for use in major motion pictures."
Roy rodgers fan Mr Biff<br>
Roy rodgers fan Mr Biff<br>

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I hate question marks.

do I.

i mean is it possible i am right!

PDX bikelove

- hood to coast 9 min
- polo invasion 5min
- chunk 2002 6min
- hunter meet gathereer 4 min
- bike riot 4min
- driving test ?
- bike audio project 8 min
- bichosis 5 min
- portlasticult 4min
- dear pedestrian, 3min
- Crime Fighters League 8min
- TMB BGF 5min
- WSI 03 8min
- move this srap 6min

pdx bike love II

- its not court ordered (zoobomb cares)
- tabor bomb
- farenheit 666 (chunk 911)
- Fate of the YJLB
- Joan of Portland
- big bike Little Bike
- bogart PSA

i am leaving may 31st, biking to SF, then training to LA, then Flying to NY, then returning to PDX in August. I think.

while gone i wanna make some changes around here.

I am hosting a bike rally in LA. so i am gonna use my little guy here to help me remember what ive done

== zoobomb presents: == (yeah it needs a better title)

An open invitation to all bikers who would say their experience to date has been "ok" or "fine". With your help we will change that to "ohmyfukngawd"

in the manner of our forebearers so shall all ye tallbike gangs, chopper clubs, pimpin riders and minibike grinders come forth. A series of entertaining, albeit potentially dangerous events await you.


more details will be added as the event draws near

new event: 3 wheeled race. teams of three will transport themselves and their bikes to yonder beer store and return. one bike will not be operable.


we are zoobomb. we dont settle for "kinda fun"... WE WANT IT EPIC

people to contact that will help

- alec, aka bic yclist <ibikela@yahoo.com> sudden death movement league
- Luigi, Johnny-realness <johnnyrealness@yahoo.com> beach BBQ, choper
- David Benoff <dbenoff@gmail.com> housing
- matt <mattruscigno@ekit.com> housing
- Camryn Bustamante <bikepunxwilleatyourchildren@yahoo.com> flophouse punk castle
- somerwaters@hotmail.com welding bicycle kitchen 
- bicyclekitchen@yahoo.com

need list:

- beer sponsor
- food sponsor
- pa system/megaphone
- court/playground/parking lot
- welding supplies
- fireworks
- escape plan
- places to crash

contact list while down south

bicycle kitchen
33 1/3 books in echo park in LA
flor y canto in north la on figueroa

Do You Copy? DVD Booklet

Aggro the self centered obsessive being from another planet

OCCUPATION: Ruler and IntenseMuthaFucker of Aggro, my place
OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Community Council member of a larger, more popular place in space that should be thrilled i am even return their calls much less share pastries with them.

If you continue to be my fearful insect-like underlings I guarentee another open and fair election next cycle.

ME FIRST I'm not interested in you. Unless you are doing somethin for me. If you are doing sumthin for me, you had better well do it. Smile or not I get what I want or you get the 3 stooges. My henchfolk make quick work of just about anybody. I mean anybody but me. That's cause they got themselves an education, at Smith and Henchen.

Some may call me stupid. I just say "Oh yeah?"

that pretty much ends most arguments right there.

server robot

"The server robot was originally programmed to dispose of city garbage but after a few hours of mindless labor lost his circuits and stowed away on a space ship where it masqueraded as a server robot. The crew caught wind of the robot have more of a personality that most and were always a little annoyed by it's cajoling but still found it amusing enough to keep around - particularly for use in major motion pictures."

Roy rodgers fan Mr Biff
OCCUPATION: singer entertainer
occupational background: Pacific Princess Karaokee Engenieer, MOtovational Speaker
EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Berkeley College of Muzak, Drama Club Tresurer Centrerville High School 1989

I am roy. Mr. Rodgers to you. for the past 10 years, while biding my time with devils and gouls i have biddded my time to wait for the oportunity to move the people to understand the realisim of the pain we have suffered. we are on the county apocylopase. the date when western and country will battle it

A truer expression than lying eyes: The Papercutting Hands OCCUPATION

You're saying already, who could vote for someone whose face has never been seen? But parents everywhere know already: lies and tears come from faces, expensive food and dental work goes into faces. Parents support The Papercutter Hands because they know: hands change the diapers of the world. Hands prepare the world's food (once properly washed). Hands do chores. Hands administer reward and punishment. Hands move fast and surely.

What have those pretty heads in government brought us? Labyrinthine laws and codes, televised debates, high taxes and high unemployment. Thomas Jefferson knew that the true hope for democracy was the honest farmer, working and building the nation with his HANDS! Thomas Jefferson is voting for The Papercutter Hands, never mind that he's dead. Walt Whitman is too. That was a man who dug hands. Hands: they're America!

And today, in an era of Internet-based prying and peeking, how can you trust a head, with its OBVIOUS eyes and ears, to protect your privacy? The Papercutting Hands have the full support of the National Association for Information Destruction, the Tri-County Paranoiacs Anonymous, and several "influential business organizations" that have asked to remain unnamed. The Papercutting Hands are the candidate of choice for everyone with something to hide. Yes, you.

Jane Doe, ETCEA agent #42 OCCUPATION: Agent and recruiter for ETCEA

We at ETCEA (the ExtraTerrestrial CounterEspionage Association) believe in protecting residents of our planet from alien eyes. Space invaders are dropping from the skies and the threat of critters examining our every move is increasing every moment as our governments prepare for star wars.

Onemust understand that not all EBEs (Extraterrestrial Biological Entities or aliens) are as mild-mannered as Mork, Alf, ET or the little prince. They are everywhere and could even manage to pose as your uncle. Anywhere and everywhere, everyone must prepare for close encounters of the third kind.

We don't have time for wild zeros battling random space ghosts. Mars may very well attack at any moment. The war of the worlds is upon us and we need your help.

Join the ExtraTerrestrial CounterEspionage Association in our acts of removing alien intelligence from our planet. We need more navigators and Buckaroo Banzais. We need you.

(steev's character) OCCUPATION: grad student

I am an intense college student, that very likely makes me smarter and when not considering my looming debt, more wealthy than you, the reader of these words. Thus I clearly fit every ideal you have ever voted for.

Make no mistake, with my advanced understanding in hydroelectric trasatory terrorist state theory, i am able to frighten you of the outcome were I not to win. I can also be made available for dinner parties. "So many intelligent people are at your party!" your guests will say. But really they will only be referring to me. The smart guy.

Helmut The Henchman OCCUPATION: Killing.
OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: I have killed everyone I have ever met.
EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Teachers, professors -- they are all dead now.
PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Organized tri-county killing spree and bake sale.


Hello little humanoids! You are so soft, so defenseless, charming almost. And yet, I will kill you. But wait! What is this 'election' you are talking about? You wish me to become your 'leader'? Do you know what you are asking? I will lead you to PAIN! I will lead you to ANGUISH! I WILL LEAD YOU DIRECTLY INTO THE SNAPPING JAWS OF AN IMMENSE WHIRLING DEATH MACHINE, COVERED WITH KNIVES AND HAMMERS AND VIOLENT HURTING APPARATUSES! HA!

On the other hand, if you don't vote for me, I will kill you right now. So remember:


This little 'elections minister' person will not be bothering us during our conversations any longer. Before I dispatched him to a more dead place, he asked me to 'outline my position'. But now it is the POLICE who will outline HIS position -- ON THE GROUND! WITH CHALK! Because it is a CRIME SCENE! Because I KILLED him, yes! But here is a smattering of my violent agenda, so that you may be cowering:

       CORPORAL PUNISHMENT: I am for it.
       ABORTION: For it.
       RISING CRIME: For.
       TERRORISM: This also I support.
       ECONOMICS: Boring!  Far better it is to kill.
       PRAYER IN SCHOOLS: When I come with my gun prayer
               will not help you, but please, go ahead and pray.
       CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM: I will CRUSH with mighty
               PLIERS of PAIN the heads of those who would do whatever
               this is about.  Yes, I will "re-form" their SKULLS ...
               into the shape of FLAT!  And BLEEDING!

So, knowing what you now know, do you regret your fooling decision to oppose me, or your foolish decision to support me? It makes no difference. You are still a fool, and I will kill you eventually. Until that time,


Hench Hencherton OCCUPATION: Temporary Henchman, Hench Online Services
EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: ITT Hench Correspondence School, Henching Certificate ; Belgium School of International Henching in Brussels

Voluntary Activities: Member of the Sunnyside Neighborhood Boosters, Volunteer at the Orphaned Childrens Kittens and Bunnies Petting Zoo, Member of Miles of Smiles Interpretive Dance Group at Bristol Community Center, Volunteer Teacher at Balloon Animal Construction at Local Schools

I have been enthused and happy to be a member of this great state, and I am very impressed with the fine job my colleagues in the State Capital have been doing. Other people have ran under platforms of "getting the bums out!" Frankly, I think that is a very negative attitude! There is no way that you can get work done with such a disrespectful attitude towards your co-workers. If I am elected, I promise that I will work with all my fine colleagues, in the spirit of henching: which is the spirit of working together, and getting along! The spirit of henching is the spirit of giving 110%, getting the job done, and doing it with a smile! That is what I promise to do in the legislature! I also promise to work for legislation marking a "Bunny Day", where everyone gets to spend the day petting the cute, fuzzy animal of his or her choice!

Hench Hencherton

Rory Thompkins
OCCUPATION: Manager (in training), night shift, Aurora 7-11
OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: 6 years, Plaid Pantry (various locations, metro Portland) 2 years, Jake's Shooting Range and Go-Kart Center, Duburk, Iowa
EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: 1997 Stansfield Township Vocational Tech Center 1996 GED
PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: 8 months, Greater Umberton (Iowa) Correctional Facility

It was around the time I quit (or got fired, depending on who you believe) working the graveyard shift at Plaid Pantry that I became aware of the TRORB. I was spending a lot of time in the alley behind CopyMaker, digging through their dumpster, looking for Social Security Numbers, credit card info, and what have you. Every now and then, there would be weird flashes of light and strange sounds coming from inside, and eventually, curiosity got the best of me.

CopyMaker was a kinda run-down, half-finished place that somehow made a business out of screwing up people's photocopying jobs. I just would kinda hang out in there, chatting with the crew, drinking cough syrup with them, and otherwise wasting their time and mine. They were a bunch of freaks, that's for sure. I don't know how I could get canned from the pimp shift at PP, and these half-wits could keep their fancy nametags. But anyway, as time went on, they just kept getting weirder and kinda more paranoid. In a way that I don't personally believe had anything to do with any of the recreational drugs I sold them.

They kept going on about this one machine, the TRORB something-or-other, and how it was messing with their minds. It got so crazy in there, that I started thinking of maybe just knocking them around a bit to try to beat some sense in them. But I figured it would be a waste of my energy, and besides, I was faking some fairly serious injuries in order to collect worker's comp, so I didn't want to blow that.

Some time in the fall, I think, things really started going south. And I mean in a bad way. Guys at CopyMaker just wouldn't show up for days, and others talked of some disappearing. All of this didn't help my business at all, I should say.

In the end, I am not really sure what happened. There was some kinda government investigation, or the Better Business Bureau shut them down, or maybe it was terrorists or something -- hell, I don't know. Why should I care about those freaks? Anyway, I am in Canby now, and things are pretty cool. I met this chick at NA who thinks she might be able to get me a job at the Aurora 7-11

richard seymore

I do a lot of things around town.

Rats in California will be the recipients of the world's first brain prosthesis. I will monitor their progress and use their The brain prosthesis will be used to emulate the function of the hippocampus, the part of the brain which encodes experiences into long-term memories.